A horse… with a cell phone?

If an older horse (Billy has approx.30-35 years of age) lays down for more than 30 – 60 minutes, his blood flow slows down, his front legs swell up and – depending on the weather- he gets real cold and umidity creeps into his bones. Therefore even with help it is very difficult to get him back on his feet again.


So an application was invented by a friend and loaded to an android phone. As soon as Billy’s body changes his position from vertical to horizontal the phone alarm goes off and within 30 seconds an emergency number is dialed. (my number)

We have 2 phones (spent 60 euro each) and therefore have Billy under controll 24 hours a day. If he falls in a save spot and the weather is good he’ll have max. one hour to rest and then we’ll help him up. Yet – if he falls in a dangerous spot or position, we can come to his rescue right away.

Older horses are often authanised because they cannot get up after they layed down. With this application – Billy down – there is controll 24hrs a day !!!

Evelyne Zedan