Frog Canker

Cancro del fettone - Beethoven
Cancro del fettone – Beethoven

EZ’s Place, a non-profit horse shelter, provides on going care for horses as well as specialized treatment. A case in point is Beethoven’s frog canker. After a year of intensive 3X a week therapy there is finally a definite improvement. One front hoof is cured and the other on is almost there. Only consistency and dedication can result in this type of outcome. Thanks to Evelyn and Chiara (a Super volunteer) for their tireless work.

Frog canker is an infection which invades the superficial epithelium of the hoof. Its symptoms are a putrid odor and the presence of a white cheese-like substance. It is not certain what causes it but it may be a virus. To avoid its development the hooves should be kept as clean and dry as possible and it is advisable to regularly trim and medicate all the affected areas.