The Hay Steamer is Kaput

Our hay steamer died last night. Definitively died.
It was bound to happen.
Overused for years and years it was long giving signs that it was on its last legs.

We applied for the only source of funding available, a competitive grant offered to associations by the Region (Friuli) about every three years for the purchase of equipment.
We were denied funding, the problem being that we are “too small”.

The more volunteers and members an association has the higher the probability of obtaining a grant. This puts associations like ours at a great disadvantage since we are in much greater needs of funds.

Galileo and Devil now risk serious respiratory problems.
The steamer serves to remove mold, bacteria and mites from the hay while maintaining the hay’s nutritional value. This machine is essential for many elderly equines and for all of those suffering from respiratory problems.

We Need to purchase one immediately!

Many of our horses and donkeys need hay with no impurities and we also need a bigger machine than the one we had. Please support our cause by clicking on the “donate now” button. You can donate what you can, even if its only the cost of your morning coffee.

Your donation is so important for the continued well being of our equines.

cuore donazioniPlease contribute to the purchase of a new hay steamer for the shelter.

Want to know more?

mail Write us and please share our appeal with your friends on social media. Thank you.

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