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EZ’s Place, founded in 2008, was the first non-profit horse protection organization established in Italy. It is the only organization whose mission is to care for elderly horses guaranteeing personalized care, nutrition, innovative veterinary treatments and solutions to improve the quality of life of horses with health problems or considered to be at the “end of their careers”. Daily care and interaction with companions and volunteers are fundamental to the horses’ recovery.

We currently house 19 horses, 3 donkeys, 2 goats, 6 elderly dogs and sundry other animals. Among the horses 15 were either abandoned by their owners, exploited and discarded after years of competing or rescued from abusive situations and they are all the responsibility of the non-profit. Several are now over 30 having regained their health and will to live.

The non-profit doesn’t receive any for of governmental or other subsidy as horses are not considered companion animals. Considered sources of income they are not assisted when they develop problems and require care but are instead lead to their death.

EZ’s Place-Horse Shelter survives only thanks to donations. Every year the Shelter accumulates a debt of at least 10,000 euros which is becoming increasingly unsustainable. The Shelter volunteers are organizing fundraiser to try to pay down this debt-but there is never enough money. The president has exhausted her funds, she now needs your contribution so that after a life of exploitation the animals are afforded the well being, protection and assistance they deserve so they can age with dignity.

We’re asking your help to insure the survival of a non-profit which is experiencing severe financial difficulties.